Morning Masturbation

by StasyQVR

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May 18, 2023

Morning Masturbation

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Kate Kuray is a sexy sleepyhead. She's just woken up and is feeling horny as fuck. Practically immediately after getting out of bed, she's stripping her pajamas off and showing off her juicy butt and tits. She has nothing better to do today than just get naked and masturbate all day long. The thought of being naked and touching herself for hours straight only turns her on more. She writhes and grinds as she rubs her hands against her soft, supple skin. She prances around her house, imagining all the different ways and positions she could play with her wet pussy. She practically cums from her imagination, but she's a pro - she knows how to edge herself for as long as possible until she explodes all over the bed (or floor). It's going to be a good day.

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