Giving the Neighbors a Show

by StasyQVR

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Jun 14, 2023

Giving the Neighbors a Show

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MarfaQ loves living in the city, but she hates how expensive it is to be here. Just renting out a basic studio apartment is putting a cramp on her financially, but she can't get over the view. She can even see some of her neighbors in the building across the street. Then, she gets a naughty idea. What if she were to strip naked and masturbate in full view of those neighbors? There's a chance no one will pay attention, but what if someone does? What if there's a hot guy who catches a glimpse of her perfectly sculpted body and firm tits and just has to pull out some binoculars? She imagines this peeping Tom masturbating as he watches her, and the thought just makes her wetter and hornier. Maybe being in this part of the city won't be so bad after all.

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