Not-So-Shy Bookworm

by StasyQVR


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Feb 14, 2019

Not-So-Shy Bookworm

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Don't let the book in her hands fool you, this sexy brunette is just dying to take you on a trip through the pages of her body. Wearing nothing but a loose blouse, you can see that perfect cleavage peaking out at you, teasing you with you its very existence. With a beckoning finger, she pulls you through the room, spinning and showing off those great, sexy legs with luscious thighs that you could just sink your teeth into. She'll guide you into position to show you everything you're aching to see; from her ass in tight little black panties, to those amazing tits you've been aching for since you first laid eyes on her. StasyQ VR proves once again why they're the leader in sexy babes giving you one-on-one stripteases!


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